Daniel O'Brien

Software Developer, Computer Scientist, & General Creator

Hi, I'm Daniel! Welcome to my personal website. I am a passionate developer looking for experience in any role in the computing industry. I have enthusiastically taken on full stack web development with the Derby DUST program in the past, along with tackling both software development and game development.

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Game Dev: Unity, Ren'py, C#, C++, Win32, DirectX

Front-End: HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, React

Back-End: Python, MS Access, SQL, PHP, Java, C

Other: Figma, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint


Drop By Drop

Drop By Drop is an assignment-turned-passion-project by me and 4 friends. It's a roguelite dungeon crawler where the user fights a variety of enemies with different attacks and behaviours in randomly generated dungeons. I was responsible for enemy behaviour, numerous smaller details, and the music & sound.

Full Team:

Morgan Rose Godden - Lead Programmer

Daniel O'Brien - Programmer & Lead Composer

Natalie Stoker - Lead Artist

Dylan Oates - Business & Admininstration

Nat Gough - Writer & Designer


I was employed in an internship position during the summer of 2023 to begin producing a web application for the DUST initiative. It required the ability to load and display 3d models to the viewer, as well as 360 degree images. It must also allow people to traverse the models with limited freedom. I used three.JS to acomplish this.

Find out more about DUST here, and my project here.

Other Projects

Rolls-Royce Hackathon Website, in which I produced a short visual novel to educate the voters on the merits of different power sources.

E-Ink/Pihole Integration, where I wrote a script that interacted with the PiHole API to display data about the DNS level adblockers local statistics on an E-Ink display connected to a Raspberry Pi.

Space Monitor, a (very) WIP web frontend used to play the API-based space trading game 'spacetraders.io'.

Discover all these and more on my Github page.